Everything  you need to become the best salesperson around

Everything  you need to become the best salesperson around

Improve on the move • Love what you do • Reach your potential

Everything  you need to become the
best salesperson around

Improve on the move • Love what you do • Reach your potential

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What are you looking for?

Actually, what is TerraTrainer

TerraTrainer offers a revolutionary approach to selling. It’s the choice training platform, created by top-performing salespeople, trainers and managers, designed for ambitious sales agents who strive to reach the top. It offers an easy-to-understand, in-depth, science-backed sales training that will shoot you to the top.

It covers everything you need to know about sales from A to Z. It tells you all the secrets, skills and techniques the best salespeople know and use. And it’s presented in a captivating way that brings you quick and remarkable results.

And all that comes on a beautiful, innovative, practical platform that can satisfy every salesperson’s professional needs.

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Why do you need TerraTrainer

unhappy, exhausted, unmotivated

You want to improve and
reach the top

You’ve had enough. You can’t take it anymore. You want to reach your potential, to live your best life - the life you’re capable of. You want to be truly happy, to feel significant and in control.

So it’s time you did something about it. It’s about time you got the success you deserve.

But there’s something standing in your way...

You feel unhappy,
exhausted or unmotivated

Do you feel stressed out? Do you mostly get bad leads that don’t even want to speak with you? And do the ones who do end up speaking with you spend most of the conversation objecting?

Do you work hard and do your best, but not get the appreciation you deserve? Do you want to become better and get the results you desire?

If so, you probably want to do something about it. That’s why…

You don't feel
comfortable selling

Something just doesn’t feel right. Selling doesn’t feel natural. You don’t really enjoy it. You’re not in love with it.

Think about it – do you sometimes feel like you’re not in control when you’re selling? Do you feel like you’re not really sure what you should do next? Do you feel disheartened when you get a hard objection, or when you get rejected? Do you get angry at your prospects, especially when things don’t go your way?

Most salespeople are. But why is this all happening? Why do you feel like this, and how can you fix it?


First step - Fall in love with it.
You need to fall in love with speaking to prospects, overcoming their fears, solving their problems and everything else that goes along with the art of selling.


Second step - Master it.
You can’t really keep loving something that brings you down and makes you miserable, so next you need to start enjoying it. We like doing things we’re good at, so when you improve your skills and become good at selling, your love will stay strong.


Selling is making you miserable right now because you haven’t mastered it. You don’t feel comfortable because you don’t know how to effectively deal with the difficult situations prospects put you in, and how to come out victorious.

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Selling today isn’t what it used to be

Your Clients Have Changed


They’re overwhelmed by a sea of information


They're frazzled, overworked and confused


They don’t want to make decisions. They’re content and fear change


They’re always “busy” and “can’t talk right now”


They never return your calls… they don’t even pick up when you call them back


They’re just being stolen by your lower-priced competitors

So Now You Need to Change


Learn how to effectively compete with a lower-priced competitor


Find people that really need your product


Be the lifeboat that saves them from drowning in the sea of information


Learn how to overcome early resistance


Understand how to get through to your prospects and make a great impression


Learn how to breeze through each part of the sale like it’s nothing

And Here's How We Can Help


We’ll teach you how to sell your unique value and convince your prospects to choose you


We’ll show you how to find your unique selling style and stand out above the crowd


We’ll show you how to make your prospects excited about speaking with you


We’ll show you how to find more qualified leads with less effort


We’ll help you find the best opportunities so you can prioritize selling to them


We’ll show you how to harness your true sales power that's lying dormant inside you

What You Get by Choosing TerraTrainer

  • Playbooks and scripts – a place where you can keep everything from your sales script, through your pitches and objection-handling notes, all the way to your Email templates. A great place to organize everything you need to keep making amazing sales.
  • Knowledge retention tools – We forget 80% of the information within a week unless we practice it. That’s why we’ve added quizzes and flashcards that help you practice what you’ve learned, so you keep that information and put it to good use.
  • Workbook – Asking you important questions after each video and getting you to truly think about how you can implement the knowledge into your life.
  • Pocket Reminders – Summaries of the videos that are always just a few clicks away, and are presented in a simple, visual way that guarantees quick learning and great comprehension.
  • Over 35 hours’ worth of premium video content, including:
    - The right mindsets, skillsets and character traits, so you can build a solid foundation that can support your success
    - Practical insights to help you find your own selling style, and to master it
    - The hidden secrets of top performers
    - Techniques to stop competitors from stealing your clients
    - The right way to deal with resistance, overcome objections and close the sale

Results that exceed expectations

Increase in number of sales
Decrease in discounts given
More daily
Knowledge retained after 4 months
Less objections encountered

Our clients say it best

I would definitely recommend TerraTrainer. The practicality and depth of the videos, the single-topic focus and the power of the content were all very appealing. This course helped improve my team’s results substantially.

Don Simons

“After checking their free eBook my initial thought was... What more could they give me?!? I felt as if I knew everything. But the next morning I just couldn't handle not knowing what more there is in the paid version. I rolled in and now my sales life is literally being reinvented. I have already doubled my results in the first 2 months. I strongly recommend it to anyone open for knowledge. And I recommend it twice as strongly to anyone who believes he knows enough (like I did).”

Ronald Watson

Before I watched this course, I struggled to reach my target. But just one month after I watched it, I started consistently going between 10 and 20 percent over it! But that’s not the best part - I actually started to really enjoy selling too! I fell in love with it, and now it doesn’t even feel like work anymore.

Michael Fisher

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You’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer?