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If you’re an ambitious salesperson that’s eager to grow, we have the perfect thing for you…

In Just 30 Minutes We'll Show You:
How You Can Double (Or Even Triple)
Your Sales Within A Few Months
Without Spending Any Extra Time or Effort

In Just 30 Minutes We'll Show You:
How You Can Double (Or Even Triple) Your Sales Within A Few Months
Without Spending Any Extra Time or Effort

(Valued At $500, But The First Session Is FREE!)

Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-Minute Coaching Session Call ($500 Value) that could easily generate upwards of 50% increase in your sales results. 
We’ll take any sales problem you have and show you how to solve it.

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"Bobby provided me with great insights, even specific questions that were better than the questions I was gonna ask - more specific and less emotional.
I highly recommend Bobby and his company for all the work that you're doing, especially if you're working on high-level deals that HAVE to come through!"

Tom Wright

"After less than 3 minutes speaking with him, I knew I made the right choice! He changed my entire perspective about what selling is. He opened my eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities I was missing!
If you ask me, just don't waste your time thinking you can do it on your own. Everybody needs help from time to time. And this is the right type of help!"

Rosi Vasileva

"That one thing he told me 3 months ago is still on my mind almost every day!
If you want 1-on-1 coaching, Bobby's definitely the guy. If you have any questions, TerraTrainer's always there, supporting you. I definitely and highly recommend them!"

Josue Munoz

Finally… A Quick & Easy Way For You To
Close All Your Qualified Prospects!

Are you sick of missing sales that you know you could have had? 

Tired of hearing “NO” from people that would benefit from your product? 

Looking for ways to make more sales faster

At TerraTrainer we help ambitious salespeople learn the perfect selling system that allows them to close every single qualified prospect, get less objections and improve results as early as tomorrow.

In the last 4 years we’ve shown hundreds of salespeople how to easily close more sales WITHOUT years of hard work and trial and error. We’ve achieved some awesome results for ourselves and our clients, and we can do the same for you too.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover
In Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation…

(And YES, You Really WILL Get Free High-Level Coaching)

The Devastating Mistakes That Virtually All Salespeople Make

Nearly every person working in sales has made (or is still making) these common yet fatal mistakes – find out what they are so you can avoid them!

The Proven Strategies That Consistently Skyrocket Salespeople's Results

We’ll reveal the bullet proof strategies we’ve used to explode salespeople's results consistently for the past 4 years.

The Old Myths And Downright Lies Told By Most Sales Managers

Many people still believe these old wives-tales and dirty lies told by the old-school sales trainers. Find out what they are so you can protect yourself.

The 7 Simple Steps To Getting Consistent Results In EVERY Sale

Having a specific structure (that works) to follow in every sales conversation will improve your results tremendously. We'll teach you our industry leading Sales System so you don't have to struggle anymore.

This Will Be Real Training, NOT Just Some Sort Of Sales Pitch

Yes, we do have some incredible products that can help you grow and reach new heights, but this conversation will have nothing to do with them.
This will be all about you, your challenges and your results. We're here to advise you and bring you results, not to just sell you our products.

95% Of Salespeople Struggle
In These Areas…

Do you…?

Say “aye” if any of these feel familiar…

  • You feel like you can close a lot of the sales you’re missing, you’re just not sure how…
  • Objections piss you off and you want to stop hearing them
    (if only there was some way to stop them from appearing…)
  • For some reason your prospects don’t get as Passionate about your product as you are...
  • You find a BIG “problem” that your prospect has, but when you tell them how to solve it, they refuse…
  • Searching for new opportunities and prospecting is a pain in the ass, and if there was a way to make it easier, you’d be thrilled…
  • You find your ideal client, make the perfect pitch, but they
    (and you have no idea why…)
  • Finding the right questions seems like defusing a live bomb
    (one wrong step and the prospect loses interest…)
  • You’re not making as much money as you’d like to be making
    (if only there was a fast, easy, FREE way to remedy this… OH WAIT!!!)

If even one of those things feels familiar, we can help you out DRAMATICALLY with this FREE sales growth coaching session.

All you need to do is claim it…

And 99.9% of Salespeople Will Never Reach The TOP Level Without The Right Help...

Most salespeople will never reach the top level of sales mastery. And virtually all salespeople who DO reach it will get there because they found the right help – someone with experience and knowledge about exactly what works… someone to give them a roadmap they can follow, a “shortcut” to the top.

If you think you don’t need help or a “shortcut”, you’re wrong – it’s not about “pride” or “losing face”… it’s about using the resources that are available and utilizing someone’s experience and knowledge for your benefit.

We can show you how much more quickly and easily you can succeed with such a roadmap – and we’ll do it for FREE, no strings attached!

All you need to do now is schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and we’ll show you exactly what we and our clients do to close every single qualified prospect we speak to, and how you can do the same using our foolproof strategies. Reserve your coaching session today to see how you can get a killer conversion rate and become extremely passionate about selling… and how you can improve your results much faster than you ever thought was possible.

Want An “Unfair Advantage” Over
Your Competitors?

Here’s what we can give you…


We’ll give you our bulletproof, industry-leading sales system that will skyrocket your results, get your prospects to CRAVE doing business with you, and leave your competitors at your mercy.

You’ll be getting a complete, customized breakdown of the system, as well as tips on exactly how to apply it in your industry for immediate results.


We’ll help you figure out your own Unique Selling Style that’s perfect for YOU. We’ll also throw in a few strategies you can apply to become distinctly remarkable and sought after.

(This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!)



We’ll find the specific areas that are costing you sales, find out why that’s happening and give you a tailored, step-by-step solution on how to deal with them.


We’ll discover the top #1 thing you can do to dramatically increase your results and put yourself in a position of dominance.

And then we’ll show you how to effectively apply it in your life ASAP for quick and massive results.


We’ll reveal the mindsets and beliefs of the TOP salespeople on this planet that allowed them to dominate their industry and reach the peak of career achievement.

(Without these mindsets, they would be nothing more than average.)


We’ll explore your current selling approach and identify any gaps that could be costing you sales. Once we find them, we’ll give you actionable steps on how you can fix them in the least amount of time possible.

This Is The Closest Thing To
You’ll Ever See.

Here’s how it works:

First, we get on the phone and you tell us a bit about your challenges and the things you want to improve.

Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll give you tailored advice on how to deal with whatever’s troubling you, how to stop making mistakes (that you may not even realize you’re making), how to take advantage of opportunities you may be missing, and how to improve your results as quickly as possible.

We’re going to do this completely for FREE, and it will be specific advice that works in YOUR industry, for YOUR product or service, and on YOUR clients.

In our sessions, we focus on bringing quick and impactful results – we want to help you grow fast and tall, and to help you build strong roots that will support your growth.

There’s no charge or obligation for this, and it usually takes around 30-35 minutes for us to do this together.

Everything will be customized for you. We’ll take into account your priorities, goals and ambitions, and give you the BEST way to achieve them – a way that works in the real world, brings quick results, and has been tested countless times.

There are many ways we can do this for you.

Here’s a few examples:

  • We can show you how to create a structure behind your sales – a sales system that will make your results consistent and predictable;
  • We can focus on a specific part of the sale that you have trouble with (like closing the sale, dealing with objections, making a great presentation, etc.) and show you how to fix or improve it;
  • We can find the #1 thing that we can fix or improve right now that can bring you the biggest boost to your results;
  • Or we can focus on something that’s a priority for you right now (no matter how crazy or uncommon it may be) and help you figure out the best plan of action.

And again, there’s absolutely no charge for this.

I’m Going To Give You a $500
Custom Sales Growth Consultation,


There’s no catch.

Right now you can book a complimentary strategy consultation with me or one of my Expert Sales Coaches.

These are pro salespeople and educators I have hand-picked to help me turn every Prospect my clients meet into a Craving Buyer.

Let me be clear: It’s up to you what you do with all the new knowledge and skills you’ll gain. You’re under no obligation to work with my company.

This is on the house. And no, that doesn’t mean we’ll start hounding you on the phone.

Nor will we bombard you with emails begging you to take us up on our offer. In fact, I only want to work with you if you’re ready to kick your sales success into overdrive and substantially grow your results.

If you’re not ready for that, let’s not waste each other’s time. And if you’re not sure… then the fact you’re still reading this means you recognize what we could achieve working together.

Either way, the worst outcome for you is getting $500 worth of Free world-class sales training with me or one of my coaches.


First come, first serve…

Here’s why… We can only afford a limited amount of new users so quickly, and when the spots are gone… well, they’re gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time with no notice.

To ensure you don’t miss out, act now…


Claim Your NO-OBLIGATION FREE 30-Minute Coaching Session Now And Get Your $500 Custom Sales Strategy FOR FREE

WARNING: Before you claim your free coaching session, you must understand that this is NOT for everybody. This is only for people who are serious about setting themselves up for long-term success and are willing to invest in themselves.

We’ll do the brunt of the work, but to truly get your sales figures skyrocketing we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

But if you are ready to kick your career into overdrive and skyrocket your results, book your FREE coaching session call now.

By the way, we recommend you book quickly. Our Sales Coaches only have a limited number of slots available for free sessions each month and they’re filling up fast. Not to mention that our head of accounting is NOT happy we’re giving away these sessions for free and wants to shut this offer down. Get in now before we have to start charging again.

Here’s what to do next:

Just pick a date and time that works for you from the calendar below and then leave us a number to reach you on.

After that, you’ll have the option of telling us a bit more about yourself, your product and your goals.

Please answer the questions because if you do, we’ll be able to better tailor the coaching session to your specific needs and to make sure that you get the most out of this experience. The questions are quick and easy, it should take you less than 3 minutes to answer them all.

I’m 100% confident that my team and I can transform your results – maybe even your entire concept of what it is to be ‘successful’.

That’s why I’m putting $500 worth of my resources on the line. Click the link below now to schedule your call.


Bobby Gadjev
Head of Coaching

P.S. You might be wondering what you “get” as a client.

The main “thing” you get is my kick-ass training, which is full of THE greatest and best-kept sales secrets on the planet – structured and presented in an elegant, easy-to-understand way full of practical examples, so you can apply them in your life right away!

You also get access to me and my team – whenever you face a sales challenge you can’t overcome, you just reach out to us and we’ll help you deal with it.

And the moment you become a client, we’re going to immediately give you access to our in-depth, science-backed and extremely practical 40-hour sales course that will answer all your burning questions and help you achieve tremendous results.

All the videos will be segmented depending on the topic, and will include specific action steps you can take right away to apply it in the real world. And whenever you face a challenge you can’t overcome on your own, you can reach out to us and we’ll advise you on the best action you can take.

Like I said earlier, our first conversation together is free and it will be around 30 minutes or so.

On that conversation we’ll give you a Tailored Plan specifically for your selling style – and we’ll speak about the things that would help you improve your results the most, based on what you’re struggling with.

During that call, we’ll also give you some action steps you can take immediately for fast results.

And you get that first call regardless of whether or not you become a client.

Please note: This is a genuinely rare opportunity as we’ve had a waitlist on new clients for the last 3 months and have just opened our doors again.

If you feel like this is right for you, leave your application and let’s talk. Conversations are granted on a first come, first-served basis – but if you’re seeing this page that means we still have a few spots left.