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5 Top Mistakes 99% of
Network Marketers Make

Dear Network Marketing Friend,

You’re reading this article because – incredibly – it`s matter of public knowledge that you’re not making as much money as you’d like through network marketing!

I say “dear friend” because five years ago, I was where you maybe are now… Embarrassed. Frustrated. Afraid. Defensive. Angry. Wondering whether I`d ever get ahead. Hating every single one of the looks my friends gave me while making fun of my “home-based business”.

It was a rough patch, but that motivated me to become a researcher. In one year, six years ago, I spent well over 300 hours reading books and scientific articles, interviewing network marketing pros, sales experts and marketing leaders, and testing out any technique, strategy and approach that had even the slightest chance of being effective.

From all of that, after countless failures, I found out the things that REALLY work and I created a system for getting out of debt once and for all. It worked for me. It can work for you.

What’s the most important thing you need to do?

Learn the Top 5 mistakes you may be making right now, and make the decision that you’ll never make them again after today!

Do that, and I promise you – you’ll see yourself grow as early as TOMORROW! You’ll start your climb towards the high levels of network marketing success and position yourself among those at the top levels in no time.

(And as an added bonus – this will also save you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars for seminars and webinars.)

The information I’ll give you will stop the mocking laughs of your friends… stop family members from discussing how you’re wasting your time… give you the time you need to breathe and think… maybe even to start recruiting people… and will give you knowledge, control, confidence, security and peace of mind. And even a good night sleep for a change.

Here I am, my friend… at the end of the tunnel… shining a beacon of light back toward you, saying “C`mon, let me help you escape that harrowing Debt Trap!”

So here are the top 5 mistakes that almost all Network Marketers Make:

#1 – Thinking that “this is not for me…” after the first “No”

Do you know the phrase “The only looser is the one who stops!”. Yes, this is totally true in Network Marketing. Do you hate numbers? Well, start loving them because MLM (Multi-level marketing) is a numbers game. If you make 100 presentations, between 1 and 5 people will like the idea. And then (eventually) one out of these 5 will start working hard.

If you have not had any success in the last six months or in the last year, do not worry! It is never late to make a turn! In 1952 at the age of 65, when most people are looking at slowing down and retiring, Harland David Sanders began Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

There’s 2 important things you need to do here: 

  1. First, overcome your call reluctance and take action! Nothing will happen unless you take action. You won’t become a network marketing pro if you spend all day in your bedroom. The only way to make a sale is creating opportunities for yourself – speaking to as many people you can, making as many presentations you can, deliberately practicing and honing your skills until you start getting consistent results. And speaking of which…
  2. Second, you need to work diligently on improving your skill level and learning what you need to know to be an effective salesperson. There are many principles you need to follow to become a high-level salesperson.

    (NOTE: We’ve actually created a book that goes over the most important principles of high-level selling – you can check it out here if you want)

    Yes, selling IS a numbers game… but it’s not just about walking up to people and expecting a miracle. It’s a numbers game, but what determines YOUR numbers is your skill level! The top network marketing pros close a lot more sales than the new guys (and for a lot more money too). So learning the right way to sell is a necessity if you want to reach the top.

#2 – Thinking that if you get 5 people in the business, you'll become a millionaire

This is one of the biggest lies in this business. In order to find 5 really passionate people to join you and really put in the work, you’ll need to make around 500 presentations, maybe even more.

(Well, maybe a lot less if you learn the right way to sell, learn from your mistakes, and find a “shortcut” to get the skills from people that have already gone through the trenches.)

There’s no easy way to becoming a millionaire. You need to work hard for it. Yes, with the right help you’ll make it a lot easiER… but still, don’t expect it to be EASY. Get ready to hear a lot of “NO!”-s, and know that each “NO” you hear brings you closer to that beautiful “YES!”

Change your mindset and instead of being depressed when you hear a “NO,” get motivated instead. The first “NO” is when true selling starts. Let me repeat that – when you hear the first “no” is when TRUE selling starts!

Up until then, it was just a warm-up. And sure, a lot of people will buy without giving you that dreadful “NO,” but those are the easy sales. You won’t reach the top by relying only on those. The real money is in the tough sales – in the prospects that will say “NO” to you 4 or 5 times before they finally decide to buy!

So whenever you hear a “NO,” don’t get disheartened. Instead, say to yourself “All right, GAME ON! I just need to take care of your concerns, and then in 4 more ‘NO’-s you’re mine.”

#3 – Treating your Business like a Hobby

Treat this opportunity that you have in front of you like a business… because it is. If you want to succeed, this can’t be something you just “do on the side”. Be serious about it. Make a plan. Set SMART goals. Choose an app to schedule appointments and keep track of your prospects (use HubSpot by the way – it’s awesome, and free). Plan every step of your journey as a network marketer as if you’re the CEO of your own company. That’s the only surefire way to any real success.

Every minute of your time is precious, so be careful how you use it. Use your free time to learn instead of wasting it on watching TV or any other pointless activities. Read, watch, practice, and take in as much information as you can. No matter which industry you’re in, listen to good advice from experts. Use the “shortcuts” they give you and learn from their experience, their failures, their wisdom. The most successful people invest 50% of their time in activities that improve their skills. Do that, and you’ll become one of them in no time.

But don’t just learn and leave it there. Don’t forget to put what you learn to practice. We forget 50% of what we learn within an hour if we don’t figure out a good way to put it into practice. Even just imagining yourself doing the thing you’ve just learned may be enough to burn it into your memory and start making it into a habit.

Don’t just learn – it won’t do you any good. Take action and put what you’ve learned to practice.

#4 – Only Looking Down

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is only approaching people with similar economic and social status to theirs, and avoiding people with higher social status as if they have the plague.

It’s a common fear – most salespeople fall in this trap. And that’s exactly why you want to overcome it – because almost noone else can, so it’ll be free pickings if you master this.

So aim towards people who are higher in the community hierarchy. Don’t be afraid to approach people with high social status. These are the people who really make things happen, and the people who will really bring you the big bucks.

Like in any other business, try to find those 20% of customers that will bring 80% of the profit (this is the so-called “Pareto principle”). In most cases, those are the people who have high social status and already have business experience.

#5 – Thinking that Network Marketing is NOT Selling

I’ll just say one sentence here which, if you deeply think about it, will turn your entire Universe around and make you instantly reach the next level:

“Every conversation you have is a sale.”

Stop and think about this for a minute and you’ll realize it’s true. Either you sell to others, or they sell to you. You either sell, or you’re sold. It does not matter if it’s a conversation with your family, or a discussion with your friends, or a presentation to a prospect. It’s all a sale – you either make the other person “buy” your ideas and your point of view, or you get “sold” and you fail to convince them.

And the great thing is, if you embrace this new mindset, everything changes. When you go into every conversation realizing that it’s actually a sale, you’re already three steps ahead of the other person. And that gives you a huge edge.


Another grave mistake is that many network marketers are not comfortable selling their product to their family and friends (and sometimes – even to clients).

Why? – Because they feel like a “scam” or “fraud”. They feel like they’re doing something they shouldn’t be.

But that’s complete bullshit – if you sell a product that can solve problems, and if you truly believe in your product, and if the person you’re selling it to can really benefit from it, and if you REALLY want to help them and give value… it should be your duty and obligation to sell it to as many people as you can. Otherwise, you’re doing them a huge disservice and causing them pain because they’re missing the incredible opportunity of benefiting from your product.

So the thing you need to change is your mindset – your goal should NEVER be to just “sell your product”. Your goal should be to first find out if your prospect needs it, and why they need it. And then? – You STILL don’t sell. You find out how you can give value first, and you do it. And only after you’re sure that your prospect will benefit from your product, and after you’ve given them value (in the form of educating them, or making them see something in a new light, or giving them a sample, or whatever you can do that makes sense in your situation) – only after that do you make a killer presentation and get them on board to buy your product or join your network.

Don’t treat people as transactions. You’ll never become a network marketing pro if you do. Asking people for a drink and then making a presentation right off the bat won’t work. Get to know them for a minute. Treat them like a human being. Build rapport. Why would you do everything you can (even lie) to make somebody join your network or buy your product when some people are just not passionate about it? Or even worse – when you haven’t even found a reason for them to join?

The secret? Learn how to make them passionate first. Figure out if it’s a good idea for them to join, and why. Once you find the benefit of them joining (that’s relevant to their situation and interests), you present it to them in a passionate way and get them excited about the idea of doing this.


Here are the 7 basic skills that you have to master if you really want to make a business out of this opportunity:

  1. Making a winning, desire-provoking presentation that makes your prospect so passionate about your product that they start CRAVING it
  2. Approaching prospects and customers like a pro and establishing yourself as a trusted authority
  3. Closing the sale effectively and elegantly and taking advantage of every opportunity you get
  4. Masterfully overcoming any objection that comes your way
  5. Preventing 90% of objections you’re getting today by being proactive and dealing with them before they show up
    (But you need to know exactly what to look for to successfully pull this off)
  6. Helping your prospects realize WHY they need your product, and helping them understand the specific problems they have and the specific benefits your product will bring them
  7. Being completely sold on your product and all the benefits it brings

And these are only some of the basic skills that you need to start growing your results and making a real impact…

There’s a lot more you need if you’re an ambitious network marketer that wants to reach the top and show everyone else how it’s done.

But while we’re on the subject, I have some good news

Those were some valuable tips, but that's not everything! I have something even more valuable for you...

Now that you know all this, you may have even more questions than you did before. That’s what I call “the curse of knowledge” – the more information you get on a topic, the more confusing it can become.

That’s because information in itself is not that useful. Without some kind of tool to sort through information, prioritize and implement it, you can find yourself getting lost down a rabbit-hole of endless info.

So because I really want you to make it and be successful, I would like to give you something more… a BOOSTER for your sales skills… a “shortcut” towards becoming a network marketing PRO!

I want you to take advantage of my experience and learn from my mistakes instead of going out there and making them yourself.

For a limited time, I’m giving away FREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions to a limited number of people (you can check if there’s still spots available here).

In this coaching session we’ll go over the things that are getting in the way of you reaching real success in network marketing. I’ll show you the bulletproof sales system you NEED… that will give you a killer conversion rate and will make you stand out above all the average network marketers out there.

We’ll also speak about the specific challenges you’re facing, and I’ll give you tailored tips and advice on how to become better at selling your product, making presentations that get your prospects extremely excited, overcoming objections like “I’ll think about it” or “send me some more information,” and closing the sale without giving your prospect the option of saying ‘no’!

(Actually, I’ll teach you how to make them want to SCREAM “YES” instead!)

Now, this sort of coaching session usually costs upwards of $500, but I don’t like charging for this. I’ve been where you are now. That’s why I feel obligated to get you out of there ASAP!

So stop daydreaming and start your journey to financial freedom instead! The ugly truth in network marketing is that nobody is actually teaching the real skills that you need to really sell on a very high level.

Selling is not hard – just as long as you know how to do it right!

Click here NOW and do NOT waste any more time! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the things that 99% of network marketers don’t know. Learn exactly how to close the sale every time, exactly how to present your product so your prospects start CRAVING it, and exactly what you need to do to deal with even the most harrowing objections.

Do it now. Here’s a link –

I’m looking forward to helping you reach the next level!


Bobby Gadjev
Head of Coaching 

P.S. The people who have read this article and have taken action may end up with your money!

P.P.S. After you schedule your Free coaching session, you should probably also check out our book. You can do so by clicking on the image below…

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