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Call reluctance is a deadly trap.
Here’s how you can escape

Call reluctance is a very dangerous trap that every salesperson can fall into. Around 80% of all new salespeople fail to complete their first year in sales because of call reluctance. And around 40% of seasoned sales professionals admit to having episodes of call reluctance surfacing from time to time, which gets in the way of their prospecting, and consequently – of their results.

Selling today is extremely hard, so having such a fear is understandable. However, because it’s hard, it’s truly impossible to become a great salesperson if you hold on to that fear. You just don’t have the power to fight on two fronts – both in real life, and within yourself.

How To Deal With Call Reluctance:

Effectively dealing with your call reluctance depends on finding the actual cause. The cure is based on the disease, so in order to be cured from this pest you need to find out what’s causing the symptoms.

  • If your call reluctance is caused by low confidence, you need to start believing in yourself. Build up your self-confidence and the rest will take care of itself.
  • If your call reluctance is caused by a lack of knowledge, experience or abilities – acquire them as fast as possible. Go all in and be proactive. Make this your number one priority and go about improving them through learning, practice, training, consultations and simulations, or any other way that works for you.
  •  If your call reluctance is caused by negative associations with selling – You need to understand what exactly you’re linking to pain and why. Once you find it, you need to change that association and find reasons why you should link it to pleasure instead. You have to search within yourself and find out what’s important to you, what you’re afraid of and what’s desirable enough to make you overcome that fear.
  • If your call reluctance is caused by a toxic mindset – adopt a success mindset. Keeping this kind of thinking will result in you being miserable. It’ll stop you from achieving anything, not only in sales, but in every area of your life.
    Become aware of your internal dialogue. When you change your negative self-talk into positive, and when you adopt a healthy mindset over a toxic one, you’ll not only remove your call reluctance, but even motivate yourself to make more calls than otherwise.
  • If your call reluctance is caused by an unclear vision (or unclear direction) – clarify to yourself what you want out of life, what you’re aiming towards.

The 3 Questions That Will Destroy Your Call Reluctance:

  1. What are you afraid of losing when you call a client?
    [Example answer] – I’m afraid that I won’t be good enough (and I’ll miss sales because of that)
  2. How is that an exaggeration?
    [Example answer] – If I’m not good enough, they’ll just hang up. If I don’t call, I can’t get better.
  3. Can you make peace with yourself for not being good enough at this moment?
    [Example answer] – Yes – because that’s the only way I can get better

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