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The 3 Things You NEED To Know
When Selling

There are many skills and techniques when it comes to selling – many closes you can learn, clever ways of dealing with objections and a plethora of creative remarks you can throw at your prospects.

But all those things are worthless if you lack knowledge in 3 important areas – knowledge about yourself, knowledge about the product you’re offering, and knowledge about your clients.

1. Know Yourself

Understanding yourself is the foundation of all – It’s the basis of happiness and fulfillment, the beacon of personal strength and the core of success. Self-awareness is integral to most, if not all areas in our life. It heavily influences your discipline and actions, your habits and emotions.

A few things you can do to gain a better understanding of yourself:

  1. Monitor your thoughts – Our thoughts give shape to our world. They form the lens, through which we see everything around us. Also, every action and emotion starts as a thought, so it’s easy to see the tremendous impact your mind has on your life. An out of control mind will give you an overwhelming, out of control life.
    By simply monitoring your mind and yourself, you gain control.
  2. Be present – Being present is simply being in the moment, seeing the moment for what it is and not clouding it with thoughts or labels. When you’re present, you don’t try to understand or analyze, you just are. You’re observing and taking in the world around you in a way that’s impossible through thought. It’s a moment when you’re not thinking about the past or the future. You’re completely immersed in the now and are experiencing it fully.
    Being in a state of presence, or mindfulness, allows you to evaluate situations, actions and people more objectively. It removes stress from your life and helps you become more centered and unreactive – something that’s very important when it comes to sales. Presence also allows you to really enjoy the activity you’re doing at the moment, and to do it much better.
  3. Beware your Ego – The ego is basically a mental representation of what you believe yourself to be. It’s the image of “you,” viewed from the prism of your mind, and it’s based on both thought and emotion.
    Your ego is blinding you and making you act in a way that’s against your best interest. It’s causing you to do things that are illogical, that only serve the purposes of the ego and give you no real benefits, only detriments.

2. Know Your Product

In order to sell something well, you need to believe in it completely. If you don’t believe, selling will be unpleasant and ineffective. You won’t present your product as well as you can. No matter how good you are, you’ll definitely be better when you believe. Your self-image will also take a hit if you sell something you don’t believe in. You’ll feel like a con artist, and you’ll become stressed out because of it.

You need to love your product, and you can’t love something if you don’t know it. That’s why you must learn all the benefits of your product – to know every way it can serve your prospects, every problem it can solve, every issue it can resolve. You need to go all in – to get behind your product 100%, fall in love with it, be passionate about it, and believe in it completely. This is the only way you can be great at selling it.

3. Know Your Client

Human psychology is a very deep topic, an ocean full of information. In our sales course, we cover in great detail many aspects of your prospects’ psychology, ways of thinking, decision-making and overall the way their minds work. Here, I’ll mention 3 things that may help you better understand your clients:

  1. People make decisions based on the potential value of losses and gains rather than the final outcome. People’s thinking is biased by an aversion to loss – they prefer to lose less rather than to win more. A person who loses $100 loses much more satisfaction than a person would gain from winning the same amount. As a result, people are much more willing to take risks in order to avert losses than to achieve gains.
  2. It’s extremely rare for a prospect to have a problem, to know clearly about it and to know how to solve it. Even if they know a problem exists, they don’t actually know what the impact of that problem is. They know it’s there, they know it should be solved, but they never thought about what that problem really costs them.
  3. People are much more open to people or ideas that are similar to them. They are much more likely to trust and like others who seem similar or familiar. The opposite is also true – people usually dislike, distrust and fear anything that seems different. This is called “The similarity principle” and it has an incredibly potent influence on your sales success.

Those are the 3 things you need to know when selling. But unfortunately, if you know only that, you won’t achieve too much in sales. There are many more things you’ll need if you want to be truly effective and successful.

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