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The 5 types of awareness you need
to CRUSH in sales

When it comes to sales, you need a strong awareness. Without that awareness, you won’t achieve much in sales. You’ll basically be shooting in the dark – wandering around, lost and aimless, until you stumble upon a sale by pure luck. And when you cultivate it – your sales will elevate to a whole other level.

The awareness you need can be broken down into 5 types:

#1. Awareness of the sales process

You need to understand the sales process and all its steps, and to know exactly where you are in the sale at all times. Each step in the sales process has its own unique rules and needs, and the only way for you to become an excellent salesperson is to fully understand them.

#2. Awareness of the destination

If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t lead your prospect there. So having a specific goal and knowing exactly what you want to achieve out of every sales situation is crucial if you want to become a great salesperson. You need to know where you’re going, and to make sure that every action you take helps get you there.

#3. Awareness of your prospect

You need to consider their mood and emotional state, their potential questions and concerns that they haven’t expressed, their level of trust and belief in you, the amount of rapport you have, how they perceive you and what prejudice they might have, their level of attention and interest, their willingness to make a decision and take action.
You can get most of this information through active listening.

#4. Awareness of your actions

Awareness without action is useless, and action without awareness is usually catastrophic. Right action has two components – doing the right thing, or what you do; and doing it at the right time, or when you do it. A “right action” at the wrong time can be disastrous and painful, so you need to consider both aspects when considering what action you should take.

One of the best questions you can ask yourself during a sale: “Is what I’m doing right now going to get me closer to closing the sale?” This can be the guiding light for your actions, the preliminary check that can show you if an action is “right” or “wrong.”

When it comes to taking action, there’s one important rule – never act without information. Whenever you don’t know where to go, ask questions.
Don’t shoot in the dark – it’s not worth it.

#5. Awareness of the competition

You need to find out precisely who your competitors are, what your competitive advantages are, in what ways your competitors are better than you, and in what ways they’re worse, what products they have and what needs to these products fulfill, whether they’re planning to launch new products, what their pricing is, what the quality of their service and their customer experience is, and anything else that’s relevant and important to you. Find out why people buy from your competitors, what benefits they think they receive by getting their product.


Never badmouth your competitors. You’re not learning their weaknesses so you can tell your prospects about them and speak ill of them. When you say something bad about other people or companies, you provoke in your prospect a phenomenon called spontaneous trait transference. Our brain usually associates gossip or negativity to the person who does the talking, so when you speak ill about your competitors, your prospect will subconsciously place that negativity onto you.

Be aware in your sales and you’ll be able to close a lot more of them.

But unfortunately, if you know only that, you won’t achieve too much in sales. There are many more things you’ll need if you want to be truly effective and successful.

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