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Through the simple and easy-to-understand explanation of complex psychological principles, you get a firm grasp of how the human mind works, as well as how to effectively communicate, influence and persuade others – the fundamental skills that every ambitious salesperson needs.

Proven high Knowledge Retention and Sustained Results

At TerraTrainer, we focus on long-term success and consistent results. In order to make sure our clients achieve them, we focus our efforts on knowledge retention and on the practical application of the skills we teach. There are different tools that make sure you practice what you learn and find ways to apply it in your life. There are quizzes that you’re asked to do in set intervals of time, so your mind stays fresh and so you remember what you’ve learned.

Concise, segmented, targeted videos that focus on one topic at a time

We use a proven training approach that focuses on one thing at a time. We discuss one topic until we exhaust it, until we go as deep into it as is needed. This way, you’re not forced to constantly switch between multiple difficult topics, and instead you can fully understand a single concept before you move on. This approach gives the greatest chance of the information to be retained and to be effectively applied into your everyday life.

Easy-to-understand, engaging and motivational training that will drive you to take action

At TerraTrainer, our dream is to create passion. But the only way for us to create it is by first having it. That’s why we are very excited and passionate about the things we teach, and that passion is usually very contagious. Before you know it, you’re also infected with an intense passion and enthusiasm, and you just can’t wait to go speak with a potential client.

That’s exactly why it’s one of our main goals to engage and motivate you, so you spring into action and put what you’ve learned into practice.

Research-backed, tried-and-tested content

Everything you’ll see in the videos is either backed by research or has been tested many times over, or both. We teach what works, and we’re very serious about finding what’s most effective. We always strive to grow and improve, and once we discover something new and valuable, we’re excited to share it.

Always growing, improving and adapting our approach, tools and content

We never stop growing, and neither should you. We always test the limits of sales success and aim to transcend them. That’s why whenever we find a new shiny tool or a new interesting approach we add it to the sales arsenal. We test it out and share it as soon as we can. We always aim to expand, to move forward and lead the pack by finding the newest thing and setting the hottest trends.

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